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Okanagan Wedding Officiant

In Grade 12 for my final English project - where you could choose anything in the whole wide world - I chose weddings. I have always loved love and desired to learn more about why we choose to partner. I researched the significance, the history and the traditions. I held a mock wedding on the lawn of my high school.

Over the course of my life, I’ve been a bridesmaid a dozen times, a Maid of Honour three times, an adult flower girl once 😂🌸, the MC a few times and I’ve stood in front of my friends and their families and conducted the wedding ceremony.

After a two year dive into A Course in Miracles, I got became Reverend Tamara McLellan ✨an Okanagan Metaphysical Minister.

I am stoked about living an enchanted life and one of the ways we bring enchantment in is through magical declarations of love. I focus on small weddings with BIG heart. We bring deep reverence into the ceremony. Marriage is sacred. Committment is b i g. 

And, I’ll also do Self Marriage ceremonies, Vow Renewals and Coming Out Ceremonies…and more✌️


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Wedding Packages

DUSTY ROSE: Ceremony Design + Wedding Commissioner $333

I’ll meet with you and your partner on zoom for a guided discussion and Q & A. From that we’ll craft a beautiful ceremony.

WILD ROSE: Ceremony, Wedding Commissioner + Personal Ceremony $777

We’ll meet for an initial guided session. Just before the wedding (the night before or the morning of) I’ll meet you (together or apart) to take a sacred moment and visualize intentions for the big day - and more importantly - the big life. We’ll include pets, ancestors and other supporters in this to bring the village together to help you live your married life start with the highest intention. This can also involve a death/closure ceremony for your past selves so you can fully step into the new life + light you’ll find in partnership.

ROSE GOLD: Ceremony, Wedding Commissioner + M.C. $2222

Includes the Wild Rose ceremony above - and then I’ll turn on the charm as the Master of Ceremonies for your reception. We’ll meet prior to the big day and I’ll keep things on schedule while infusing the ceremony with spirit. If you want sacred + heartfelt moments, I’m your girl.


Ceremony crafted to celebrate your renewing of vows + commitment with your beloved in a way that feels good for both of you.

Email to schedule an initial Zoom call.

Enchanted Weddings

I want everyone to have the chance to live life like it is a sacred, living ceremony. Getting married can be a beautiful way to honour that.

Our wedding culture is focused on the dress, venue, flowers and food. We need the reverence back in this life giving ritual.  The sacred intimacy, the connection with witnesses and feeling seen and heard by our village are important ingredients to a long successful marriage.


I want to work with you to create an enchanted ceremony.


Let'‘s create magic for your wedding, partnership ceremony or vow renewals.

Self Marriage

Here’s the thing. We are sovereign beings experiencing lives of interconnectedness. I see a lot of people getting married who aren’t truly yet married to themselves. It takes a level of commitment to be devoted inwards and that commitment can be enhanced and enchanted by adding another. However, when that commitment inside isn’t there, adding another can greatly complicate things. I do think this is a big reason why we see many relationships that don’t work.

It doesn’t mean we have to be fully healed to be in relationship, but oh how it helps the relationship evolve when we are each willing to look inside and clean up our side of the street.

Part of my work is to celebrate the Sacred Marriage within. It’s uniting the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within.

If you’re interested, let me guide you to whatever works for a Self Marriage ceremony of your own. This package is $222 and you can email

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