This year expanded one of my truest passions and greatest loves: speaking to groups. Whether it’s a small or large group, I have found speaking to be the moment where I am most intensely in the present. As a yoga teacher, nature lover and humanitarian, this both surprised and elated me - to find this presence.

I love it. Let me speak to you + your crew!

I have spoken to large groups of 200+ at conferences and events, smaller Rotary-style groups resulting in fundraising dollars & grants, I did the 2018 Keynote for the #WeForShe conference held in Kelowna, BC, and I finished 2018 with a barefoot TEDx talk on FREEDOM.



Looking for a low-waste and high-energy event? Tamara is currently taking a couple of clients with impactful ideas and planning their events.

Inquire by emailing hello@wildbreath.ca and titling your email EVENT PLANNING.


Tamara discusses two kinds of liberty, positive + negative, and five ways to feel your way to freedom right here, right now, despite external circumstances.

What a beautiful talk and a lasting inspiration for sure. Keep sharing your energy, Tamara
— Karin E.
Bravo, Tamara McLellan just watched your TEDx with my girls. My daughter said my comment should be “yes girl” ...because that’s why I kept saying.
— Cindy C
Choose freedom. Authentic leadership. Truth. Going within and allowing it to overflow out. All of this! What a beautiful talk. Thank you for sharing your story.
— Meaghan A.
I am feeling so many things. Grateful to know you and love you and be taught and inspired by you. Proud of all that you put into this world. A fire to push forward...
— Jen M.

Coordinating a diverse event on International Women’s Day, 2018.

Keynote speech for Kelowna’s 2018 WeForShe Conference.


There are two Chinese symbols: one for constant self-improvement and one for contentment exactly right where we are. This is the yin and the yang of our lives. I've spent a lifetime trying to live in both quadrants and the balance is where creativity sparks. I want to share my tools.

Let's spend a meaningful couple of hours together (sunrise or sunset) every week for a month and go deep. We'll work through subtle breathwork, movement, stimulating conversations and meditations that can shift your perspective. We'll run through problem areas and discuss how to relax into them. Or, we'll find ways to add more meaning to what you want out of life. Let's find healing together, ground ourselves, yet reach for the stars. If you're on a healing journey, let me walk through the fire with you.

$400 for 1 month or pay what you can.
I want to make this accessible to all, so while each session would typically run at $100, I'd like to offer it at a pay-what-you-can rate.

I facilitate three-hour morning workshops to dive deep into your team's soul. How can we find our why in this crazy life? Where do we find space to relax into our busy world? How can we constantly self-improve and yet be totally content with where we are? This workshop is based on creating a relaxation response to relax into life while we expand into our pure potential: to become gentler, kinder, and dig deeper into your work.

I'll customize the workshop to you, your business or organization. It can help with team-building and works to re-engage employee and re-spark the creativity. Everyone leaves with tools on how to re-energize themselves in daily ways.

Groups 10 and under: $1500/workshop + travel
Group sizes 11 - 25: $3000/workshop + travel


Sample Meditations

MEDITATE: Remember your true essence (13 min.)


NIDRA WITH ME: Enjoy deep relaxation & come home to yourself.  

A great Yoga Nidra for kids (8+)


It's amazing what starting a day with dancing can do for your body, mind & spirit.
Here's some tunes to crank and dance:

Slower, groovy yoga tunes