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Anger has a bad reputation, in fact, the entire pathway through spiritual bypassing is lined with ways to avoid, dispute, cast a shadow over and ignore anger. The good news is, we're supposed to be angry when we see injustice, that is angers' most precious and sacred ground. We've demonized anger into oblivion until it's so far shadowed that the mere mention of it raises the ire of judgement from even seemingly sensible people in our midst. 

Enter this fully immersive, full-bodied weekend where the elemental tools of emotional intelligence have the opportunity to rise through the ashes of 'nice' and 'good', into the fields of warrior for your own soul, warrior for your family and warrior for your community and the planet.

On the sacred ground of trust, willingness, forgiveness and choice you will find vitality here, you will find a radical shift, and a profound truth.

As you address these patterns of suppression, you recalibrate perception and that small, quarter-turn-twist has the potential for profound transformation: one pattern, one trigger and one relationship at a time.



Where: Camp Owaissi in West Kelowna See Camp Owaissi website.
When: October 4-6, 2019.
What: Three days of immersive learning in a safe and supported environment.
Vegetarian lunches and light refreshments included.
Staying overnight is not required, but if you’d like too, you can stay for $33/night.

EARLY BIRD PRICE $485 if $200 deposit received by July 31, 2019

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You can stay overnight for $33/night. Bring bedding, drinking water and breakfasts and dinners.
Lori Mairs, PGC, MFA Facilitator

Lori Mairs, PGC, MFA

Lori Mairs from Unconventional Methods is a Personal Growth Consultant and Integrated Breath Practitioner with over 20 years experience working with individuals and groups. She holds a Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from UBCO, the focus of her research is Communication Between Humans and Wild Places.

“During 2017-2018, I saw Lori at least a dozen times (in private consultation) and was blown away by the tools and techniques that she used for healing. She has a no bullshit way of teaching truly foundational tools for working through mental and emotional blocks that we all have and usually are unconscious of. She calls these tools “Unconvential Methods”. She’s an incredible artist of the natural world, teaches a class called ‘Talking to Trees’ and is all around one of the most fascinating humans I’ve met.

I am honoured to be co-teaching these three days alongside her, both as her student, a space holder for all participants, a facilitator for the experience as a whole, and as the nidra guide.

To read more on Lori, go here. I’ll simply say that I spent thousands of dollars on many different teachers and she was the most effective. And now we will be bringing many of those same tools into this three day weekend.” - Tamara McLellan

Pictures of Camp Owaissi grounds:

I’d like to acknowledge with great reverence that we are hosting this workshop on the traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx/Okanagan people.