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HOPE in Her Eyes

We raised around $17,000 for marginalized women. The whole day was absolutely intense, from laughing to crying, from throwing gloves on and getting down and dirty to help the caterer, to taking the stage and letting my heart spill into words in front of a sold out crowd, there are no more words to say.

So I will post my speech here, to let it live somewhere. We didn't film it and afterwords so many people asked why not. For a moment I felt sad that we didn't, but I felt more present in it than I have ever before, speaking at anything. Maybe it's best that way. To remember the feeling of BEING the speech. I want to relive every moment and the best way I can is to simply read those words again. So here we go,

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Let's Celebrate Womanhood

Tonight I spent a couple of hours learning from a variety of women (and men) with different backgrounds, ethnicities and academic views, about what International Women's Day means to them. I then sat at a cozy bar drinking red wine with two amazing women friends of my own, debating the life and times of being a woman and what International Women's Day should really be about (in our minds).

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Let us tell a story

"One story that Robert told struck me as something that needed to be told, and it is this:

When he was working for a typography company, he learned the story of the building he worked in. It was built by construction workers that were far ahead of their time. It was a huge, intricate building, built in stone and other sturdy materials. However, there were certain parts that needed the flexibility of wood. So the builders knew that this would have to be replaced about 300 years from then and built the wood in such a way that it would be easy to extract and replace. Then they took things a step further. They planted an oak tree forest surrounding the building, that would grow for 300 years, mature, and then the wood that was needed was right on site.

Do you see the sustainability in that?

Wildcrafting is thinking 300 years out."

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