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The sunshine + the shark

​When the darkness comes
I say “Good evening, wolves”
What would you have me feel?
Can I stay with you long enough to open to life?
Do I have to run
each day at dusk
to the warm embrace of another?
or sweet white wine dripping down my tongue
or to the familiar buzz of the soft movie
or any of the other mindless
ways we drown you out

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A Poem About Dying

You are the sun, the moon, and the stars
You're the breeze on a summer's day
The sun rising over the mountain
The cool winds bringing in a tornado
The eerie calm before the storm

You're the butterfly fluttering by
The salmon swimming up stream
The momma bear protecting her cubs
The sorrowful robin whose egg
fell from the nest

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The New Education: Light, Love & the Stars

When I was a little girl, this is the type of thing I wish I would have known I could set out to 'achieve'. Instead of thinking that I had to achieve power, money, success, the house, the husband, or the money, I wish they would have taught me that I could just simply be what I wanted to be, that I already was everything I needed. I wish I had known I could be the starlight that twinkles every night, that I am the sunlight cascading into someone's home. We are the euphoria at the top of a mountain and the serenity in the middle of every storm.

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