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Lighting the Inner Torch

I have to say that this idea of a women's only clothing optional yoga class has already been empowering to me for a few reasons:

  • I find baring your clothes will be about as vulnerable as baring your soul by staring into the eyes of another for one full minute without talking.
  • I finally tried yoga naked the other day and had a surprising epiphany about my own body and tattoos on it.
  • I am more inspired by Suzie Doratti and her commitment to helping women each time I meet with her.
  • As I continue to think about it I am starting to see more and more that less of who I am is on the outside and, yet, that I want to love the entirety of me fully and completely. That includes radically loving the temple. 
  • We are a society so shunned from what is natural and organic. The sexualization of this world has become overwhelming and part of me yearns to return to a simpler time. 
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