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Conscious Parenting Week 3: Conscious Discipline & Our Relationship with "NO" [PART 2]

As part of week three we discussed the 12 principles for Integral Discipline. I found this section a little hard to relate too because we had a baby, but even now as I got back through this it becomes more and more applicable. I will highlight the 12 key principles and as I mention throughout this, it really helps to hear Miriam's explanation of everything on the audio that she puts out each week for this course, as well as it was REALLY helpful for the facebook group where you could meet and discuss with everyone how it all applies for different families. 

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Conscious Parenting Week 2: Context

[Interested in taking this class? It starts at the beginning of May this year. Sign up here:].

The second week of our Conscious Parenting course was all about:

CONTEXT: Seeing the bigger picture of our picture, so we can see the bigger picture of their picture

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Conscious Parenting Week 1

One of my girlfriends moved to the Kootenays last year and ended up in a sweet little cabin on top of a mountain. Her landlord there ended up being an interesting woman who ran a Conscious Parenting course [Parenting as a Spiritual Practice]. Over the fall and winter Tyler and I took the course and following this will be a recap of the eight weeks of pure knowledge.

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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

Over the past few months, Tyler and I have been taking an Integral Parenting course that has absolutely blown my mind. The work that Miriam, our facilitator, has done to prepare this course is nothing short of extraordinary, and so many elements of the course have been applicable to other areas of my life, not just parenting. 

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