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The sunshine + the shark

​When the darkness comes
I say “Good evening, wolves”
What would you have me feel?
Can I stay with you long enough to open to life?
Do I have to run
each day at dusk
to the warm embrace of another?
or sweet white wine dripping down my tongue
or to the familiar buzz of the soft movie
or any of the other mindless
ways we drown you out

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I hope today 
you feel into 
how much 
L O V E 
you are made of 
let it fill the hollows 
and crevices of 
every part 
of your being 
l o v e 
just walking
in a body

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My PoetryTamara MComment
Wild Breath

we came here to be free
to find all the ways we cage ourselves
and to break down all the walls 
sometimes wildly 
to rise 
you are already free if you believe you are
with each

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My PoetryTamara MComment
Forces of Nature

It is an incredible thing
watching the forces of nature 
at work. 
The fire glistens 
across the water 
as the wind rips into the waves
bringing the earth 
back to its natural state. 
We are so scared of
destruction and death 
and yet,
this is how we’re reborn.

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My PoetryTamara MComment
Fear of Clowns

I figured out my fear of clowns the other day
It just clicked
They represent the biggest masks you can wear
I just want to run around asking everyone to take off their masks
Tell me how you really feel
Straight talk
Raw truth

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My PoetryTamara MComment
You being you

How close can you get to being your true self ?
To being you
You without make up
You wjthout chains
Your freest truest version of you?

It’s not easy
with these walls we erect
feeling stronger with masks
Not sharing our regrets

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My PoetryTamara MComment
Mama Ocean

I dove in head first 
scraping my chest on some coral
the blood was instant and fierce 
I looked down in astonishment 
and knew in a moment
that the ocean would heal it 
salt water can cure a lot of things
but it can’t cure stupidity 
it can’t untangle plastic bags 
or send back a million straws to the shore 
so come on people 
let’s think of ways to go zero waste 
as the ocean dealt just a tiny bit of pain back to me 
I understood in a moment 
how much pain she was in

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My PoetryTamara MComment
Everyday is Earth Day

We find her everywhere
mama earth beneath our feet
she’s alive in every step up the mountain 
in the ancient groves of trees
yet I can feel her in cities too 
quieter perhaps, but the hum of flow fully here 
humanity running around 
on the heartbeat of this world

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My PoetryTamara MComment