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Let's get real about Co-Parenting

I wake up this morning, the first time i have gone 4 days without seeing my son. He's in Ontario for Christmas with his papa. A trip I wasn't crazy about him making, that took a lot of soul searching to come to terms with. When I was making the decision with my head, it was hard. It seemed harder. When I dropped into my heart to understand the essence of his relationship with his dad and other side of the family, it was a much easier decision to make. A chance for Dad and him to bond and for him to see that both parents are equal in the time they give to their children. This isn't 'babysitting' when Dad has him, it's full on parenting. This is a vital life lesson I want for my son and it seems that this is one of the ways to show it, since we are not together. Compromise. The first lesson of co-parenting. 

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Finding Pure Presence

He sat with me, so quietly today. Coming up to sit beside me at the tree. His back touching it, just like mine. It lasted a brief moment, but such an intense one. He then played around me, while I laid back, asking questions of the trees. And he found his way to my lap. First to feed, then to sit with his back to me, little feet in my thighs. He just stopped, still, silent for a full three minutes.

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What's Changing is the Degree of Change

Reading Osho's the book of children and it's bringing up so many amazing points to consider, but this one is big and one I think of already a little even though I only have a 10 month old.

What sort of education do I want him to have?

I mean, some people are already thinking about what kind of schools to put their children in. Montessori? Waldorf? Forest schools? Public schools? There's so many options and no real answers. The signifiant point to consider is this: by the time one is learning something in today's world, it's already changing.

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Conscious Parenting Week 3: Conscious Discipline & Our Relationship with "NO" [PART 2]

As part of week three we discussed the 12 principles for Integral Discipline. I found this section a little hard to relate too because we had a baby, but even now as I got back through this it becomes more and more applicable. I will highlight the 12 key principles and as I mention throughout this, it really helps to hear Miriam's explanation of everything on the audio that she puts out each week for this course, as well as it was REALLY helpful for the facebook group where you could meet and discuss with everyone how it all applies for different families. 

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Conscious Parenting Week 3: The "WE" [PART 1]

For the third week of the Parenting as a Spiritual Practice course, we spent time considering our child as an evolving whole person. This means bridging together the idea of "they're just a baby" or "just a child" along with the idea that they are all they will ever be in this exact moment and we can treat them with pure consciousness, as we would any other human being our age. For example, consider your daily interaction with your child/children and answer these questions:

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Conscious Parenting Week 2: Context

[Interested in taking this class? It starts at the beginning of May this year. Sign up here:].

The second week of our Conscious Parenting course was all about:

CONTEXT: Seeing the bigger picture of our picture, so we can see the bigger picture of their picture

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Conscious Parenting Week 1

One of my girlfriends moved to the Kootenays last year and ended up in a sweet little cabin on top of a mountain. Her landlord there ended up being an interesting woman who ran a Conscious Parenting course [Parenting as a Spiritual Practice]. Over the fall and winter Tyler and I took the course and following this will be a recap of the eight weeks of pure knowledge.

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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

Over the past few months, Tyler and I have been taking an Integral Parenting course that has absolutely blown my mind. The work that Miriam, our facilitator, has done to prepare this course is nothing short of extraordinary, and so many elements of the course have been applicable to other areas of my life, not just parenting. 

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