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The only difference between me and this Wild Child is...

He was sleeping in his car too, camping at Frog Falls with a kayak on his roof. I am a mama bear when at a backcountry campsite with O alone and so had my guard up at first, but he put me at ease almost instantly. He was a traveler, the kind I’ve met at hostels in San Francisco and South Africa and I instantly felt his heart was good, the kind of eyes that you know before you even know them. The same eyes as every traveler. Searching and hoping. 

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Single Mom

When we think of "single" mom
we think of someone working two dead end jobs
to make a living
not someone who just got the (two) back to back dream jobs of her life

we think of dead end husband
who cheated and left
not someone who is there every step of the way
infuriating or not
a partnership where forgiveness is served daily
harmonious coparenting the goal

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What's Changing is the Degree of Change

Reading Osho's the book of children and it's bringing up so many amazing points to consider, but this one is big and one I think of already a little even though I only have a 10 month old.

What sort of education do I want him to have?

I mean, some people are already thinking about what kind of schools to put their children in. Montessori? Waldorf? Forest schools? Public schools? There's so many options and no real answers. The signifiant point to consider is this: by the time one is learning something in today's world, it's already changing.

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Today, I am lucky.

Today I am lucky.

My day started with a (almost) nervous breakdown. You see, my son is starting to walk. He's getting into everything he possibly can, pulling up in his crib all night wanting to party, and starting to understand just how much I am not always directly beside him.

As a momma who is living on my own with this babe, life just got suuuuuuper interesting.

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Parenting as a Spiritual Practice

Over the past few months, Tyler and I have been taking an Integral Parenting course that has absolutely blown my mind. The work that Miriam, our facilitator, has done to prepare this course is nothing short of extraordinary, and so many elements of the course have been applicable to other areas of my life, not just parenting. 

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I'll remember

One day when I'm old and gray, I'll remember the sweet precious few years where you smelled of brand new baby and sour milk. Where you looked at me with a glint in your eyes, your little cheeks coming to round into that smile, that would melt my heart like warm butter on toast.

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