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lately I’ve been thinking about soft activism
softness that asks the question

when have we had enough? 
how can we remind those making the
decisions to clear cut the land
to spray Her with chemicals
to create policies to damage it
that they too are inherently perfect?
how can we love them more?

for they too are feeding a family 
for they too want to see this world bright
for they too want to light up the center of their brain that indicates pleasure
to feed the hungry ghosts
just like us 
its just that their bright
and our bright
are different

just like addiction
the need for more
is to fill a hole
more business
more money
more status
conquer and take 
it just doesn’t work anymore

the hamster wheel is spinning
and while droves of people are healing
the 100th monkey comes to town
and says ENOUGH

ENOUGH taking
ENOUGH cutting
ENOUGH mass producing
ENOUGH mass consuming
ENOUGH blind greed
ENOUGH excuses

yet perhaps shouting at them from the rooftops
and chaining ourselves to trees 
doesn’t work 
because it feeds the aggression
because it sets off the cycle of drama
that we all thrive on 
needing it to blame
or excuse
or both

aggression + aggression 
don’t make a solution

what if we reminded them that
the sun, the moon & the stars 
wish to be in communion with them too
that they are not forgotten
that their ancestors are watching over them
begging them to reconsider

that their children’s grandchildren 
need a world to thrive in

if we bring them home
would they continue to destroy it?

if we remind them of true love
would they need the money?

if we reminded them 
that they are enough
would they finally say

Tamara MComment