Not everyone


I just don’t buy into society 
I simply don’t
and that’s okay 
not everyone needs to think the same way 

not everyone 
buys a house
to renovate and sell
some people want to make a home
not everyone will buy the best investment 
unless an owl flies into the roof when they're in it

not everyone 
buys a BMW
because it looks good
when a Honda CRV 
has a picnic table in the hood 

not everyone 
wants the best school for their children
I want a school 
that puts diversity and inclusion 
above good grades and memorization
I want a school that nourishes community
where he feels comfortable not having the best of everything 
used clothes
simple lunches
not worrying as he walks in the door
that he’s getting a first class lesson 
on white privilege

not everyone 
is trying to get ahead 
some of us 
just want to get out
out into the woods 
where I can get a degree 
in the call of a loon
where I can fill up 
on the light of the moon 

not everyone 
needs to think the same
I know it’s important
no, vital, that there’s ones like me 
so when you ask me where my child goes to school 
or what kind of house I own
or car I drive 
please keep an open mind 

Tamara MComment