In a world that rewards fast, I want to go slow


In a world that rewards fast
I want to go slow
soaking up the magic of each moment
basking in the presence of feeling alive
in a world that rewards busy
I want to create a revolution of rest
allowing FOMO to have no meaning no more
learning to honour our bodies 
our needs 
our own self care first before all else
can you imagine?
a world where everyone has radiant health
walking around full cups 
ready to care for others 
as we care for ourselves 
I want to see a world of kindness 
and true emotional resonance 
when the world rewards cutthroat competition 
let’s say no
we have the power 
our individual selves
they want you to believe differently 
because if you lived everyday thinking you could make a difference 
making choices with your purchases
bowing out of thoughts and shoulds 
we could change the world in an instant
we have the power
take it back 
be ruthless in your quest for living the life that keeps you wild
stay wild 
be kind 
play often 
and rest 
in a world that rewards fast
I want to go slow

Tamara MComment