The truth about money

Money wants to support us
It's a core element of the earth
coming from the same place as we all do
what else would it be intended for?
it's momma earth's work herself

money is here to provide structure
a protective guiding force
a gift from the gods in this life
as another clue
another piece of the puzzle

why do you think they call it a treasure hunt?
money is a treasure
it's our protective guiding light
that shines on us when we find ways to thrive
in alignment with our purpose
then we've found the pot of gold

if we move with integrity and grace
driven by our core values
money will act as a security blanket
so often, money will back us
as affirmation from the universe herself

money is always available to us
for we are money
and money is us
made up of the same fluid molecules
the same magical atoms
derived from the divine

if we can tap into this flow of energy
this fluidity of life
money will show up for us
just as we need it
exactly as we do
never fearing that it won't
trusting in ourselves

for money is simply an energy exchange
and connecting to this ongoing fountain
with it's impermeable state
learning to flow within it's tides
allows us to move freely
free of obstructions
flowing over the waterfall with ease
lying on our backs in utter bliss
sunshine on our face
in a pool of the greenest blue

money isn't something to covet
to horde
or to spend carelessly
it's meant to support us
to stand as our structure in this life
to keep us honest
to move us in the direction of our dharma
our purpose in life
it's not just a knife in the back
as so many think

people fear money
when people fear life    

i think of my home
providing safety and comfort
my car and my fridge
full of food intended to nourish us
i think of my nanny
here to help us thrive as a family
giving me time for self care
time for my job which i love
my job blessing me with the money to pay for the nanny
whom supports us in our pursuit of love
it's all just a big energy exchange
can you see the pattern?

money is sacred
because all of life is sacred
it's here to support us
to protect us
to provide us with structure
and to engulf us with love
with security
and with faith

fall in love with money
and walk aligned with purpose
because today i learned
that i am money
and money is life

Tamara MComment