You Were Made For This Life

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It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking that our best life happens in the good times. The times that make us want to laugh and sing and howl at the moon. But it’s when the darkness comes that we are shown how truly light we are. It is in the decision to see and make the best of a bad situation that our spirit gets a boost. It’s singing our child to sleep and holding his hand through a long, rough night that makes us see the strength we are made of.

Yes, the high times are wild & free, but the harder times are when we know we are capable and incredible souls, come to this earth to withstand anything together. There’s been a lot of talk lately of the why - the why of death, the why of tragedy - and last night as I lay beside my little one who needed his mama I knew innately in my heart that these harder times give us our WHY. These are the nights that make us ache in our aliveness. They make us proud to be who we are, to help another soul in their time of need. 

The darkness is only that which is blocking the light and it’s in those darker nights that we are able to break down all of those barriers and see that true light shine. We are the light. It lives inside all of us and today I can see it shining in all the humans around me like stars in the night sky. 

When the hard times come, do not cower or fear. Soften. Lean in. You were made for this life.

Tamara MComment