What did you LOVE when you were little? Start there.

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Burn the appointment books. Disappoint your dad (sorry Dad). Leave the job. Take the job. Move to the woods. Book the plane ticket. Go a summer without washing your hair. Go a lifetime without checking your bank balance. Trust the process. Find some friends. Laugh with them. Get curious about where you feel guilty in your life because it’s probably there that you should start the undoing. Guilt is all too often instilled by society’s version of what you “should” be doing. Trust your gut. You know what you want and what is right for you. You always have, most specifically when you were little. What did you L O V E when you were little? Start there. Return there. Place a hand over your heart today and say “I will no longer walk to the beat of another’s drum”. Well, unless you’re at a fire circle.