This ones for the Mamas

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This ones for the mamas
All the mamas out there doing it in any way you are doing it
Clothing them
Feeding them
Giving your all for them
Cause let’s face it
It isn’t easy
Everything changes
Your body
Your hair
Your clothes
Your energy
Your time
Your heart
Your heart grows 1000x it’s size
One million
One trillion
It will never be the same again
Bruised from the kicks from the inside
Beaten up by the times they cry
It stops each time they almost fall, walk a little too close to the road, or eat something and the gag reflex comes on
It pulses each time they do something new
Each smile, coo, hug & I love you
Oh the judgment, the shame, the demons that arise with this mamahood
It’s insane
The whole world made out to make you feel like someone else is doing it better
But it isn’t true
Yes you,
If you are loving them fiercely
Feeding them with care
Giving into their tantrums
Or setting boundaries & holding strong
Doesn’t matter
you are doing your best
Feeding them organic non GMO
Or Dollarama KD
It’s enough
Not everyday
But some days
It’s all you can manage
Oh mamas
One thing they’ll never understand
Outside of it
Is how enough it is
When you do
Whatever you can do
Because you’re doing it with that huge heart
You do it with that love, and it’s enough
This ones for the mamas