Sunkissed skin & salty hair

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Sunkissed skin & salty hair
I’ve always been a pioneer
now here I am
mama ocean
meet mama tamara
I am not always as patient as I would like
I’m not as stoic as the sea
but how thankful I am
little spark
that your soul found me
tethering me like a feather anchor  
showing me what freedom means on the go
helping me to understand it’s a choice in every moment
tantrums are a chance to breathe space into my soul
the hugs and thank you mamas are moments to practice presence
I get to watch your papa become an amazing teacher
when the algae is bioluminescent
when you throw a crayon across the table at the restaurant
it’s my place to catch it  
then to catch my breath
and practice grace
with each and every fit
you came with so many lessons little guru
as expansive as the sea
thanks for giving mama space to practice them  
you see
Im here to learn
as much as you
you’re the student and the teacher
I feel honoured to be in your classroom
let’s keep it out here
and we will learn so much together