Soften, choose love & surrender

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What if
to find your passion
to truly find your purpose

All you have to do is
say YES to the people & experiences that make you radiate love

and NO to the those that do not

What if all you had to do was dance with wild abandon when your body calls you to move

To sing at the top of your lungs when a song you love comes on the radio
To hike when the sun beckons you up a mountain
To sleep when your bones sigh, tired & exhausted
What if this is all that is required of you?
What if this will inevitably push you towards all that you are longing?

What if there was no doing?
No controlling?
No clenching?
No thinking?

What if the way becomes blocked the moment you think “should” “need” or “when”

What if “no” was the biggest warrior you possess defending your very soul from all that does not service its highest good?

What if “yes” is the biggest source of sunshine for your soul? Shining down on only that which moves you to your expansion - moving you into the light that you already are?

What if there was nothing you have to “do”
but soften
choose love
& simply surrender.

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