I wish for you

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.00.51 PM.png

I wish for you to taste freedom with every move you make
to dance in the rain while others are staring at the lake
to sit in little market shops choosing which crystal to take
to breathe in the wild air with every breath you take
I hope you’ll use your privilege to serve all others
that you reach out and help when no one else will bother
that you’ll always know the heaps of love from your mother + your father
that you’ll treat every passing person like a sister + a brother
I’ll create a life where we can live each day to its fullest
seizing each moment and playing in the forest
I’ll make sure we lay awake at night listening to the crickets like a chorus
we will leave this world a better place, like the ones that came before us
But ultimately this journey is yours
my love
I won’t try to change it
I’ll surrender to it all and just be here to help you pave it
As you turn two, please remember dear one
the worlds more expansive than we make it
so hold your head high
and dream big
because you’re here to create it

*Happy Birthday my sweet Onyx James*