Happy Superhero's Day

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Usually we think of super heroes as bad ass men walking out of a burning building holding a damsel in their arms. 

After this past trip, walking through airport security with a 30 lb boy strapped to my back, three bags crisscrossed around my back, filling out an immigration card and sweating profusely in the Kathmandu heat, I decided my version of “superhero” was going to change. 

Superheroes are everywhere: at soccer games and dance recitals. 

They are unsung heroes, with hair that goes days unwashed, those that pee only with a little person on their lap.

They wake every time the pitter patter hits the floor, sensing it almost before it happens. 

They kiss boo boos and sing songs they never knew they knew. 

Whether it’s 1 or 3 or 5 kids, whether it’s alone or together, whether it’s wished or forlorn or coming, happy superheroes day, y’all.

Tamara MComment