Celebrating Her: Book Launch

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This woman is a serious earth shaker and sky mover. She’s radically changed a piece of the world, has selflessly gave of her time, money & unbounding expertise, and continues to amaze me with her raw humility each time we meet. 

Tonight we gathered to celebrate Her (in so many ways). To celebrate Michelle in all that she is, to congratulate her for the highest service award in Canada, and to celebrate the new adventures that the charity, Her, is embarking upon. 

She spoke of three things that she brings in her pursuit of happiness: 

She hit it on the head. * Always ask for help. Don’t be afraid, we are all here to be helpers. Some times we are the helpers, sometimes we are the ones needing help. * Always give thanks, even when life doesn’t go your way. Because it’s always working out in a way. This year I have found such deep reverence for this work and I intend to never stop showing gratitude. * Sometimes you need to just sit back, take in the magic that is your life and say it loud & proud: WOW 🙌

To call her a dear friend, and to continue to do this work with my colleagues and the board at Her, this is one of my biggest dreams come true. What a beautiful night overlooking the lake with such sweet souls. 

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