You being you

How close can you get to being your true self?
To being you
You without make up
You wjthout chains
Your freest truest version of you?

It’s not easy
with these walls we erect
feeling stronger with masks
Not sharing our regrets

But you being you
It’s the strongest thing you can do
revealing your most vulnerable layers
only helps others to do it too
you being you
gives her the chance to be her
and me the chance to be me
please set me free

Take off those damn masks
Take down those big walls
unchain yourself from society
And don’t be afraid to be loud
Let your authenticity drip off your back like a snake
Let it ooze into every crack you’ve ever faced
let us see your anger, your shame and your fear
Let us see the part of you
that hurts and is scared
That eats pretzels and drinks beer

Shine your light
but don’t be afraid to show the damn darkness too
I’m interested in the barefoot version of yourself
I’m waiting for you

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