Don't set goals, set feelings

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don't set goals
set feelings
decide how you want to feel, first
then close your eyes and drop in
and feel that

pure radiance
and bliss?

identify what makes you feel that
organize your life
so you can feel those things
and repeat

and then does it matter
what story shows up for you?
because you are living your dream
right now
in the only moment that there is in this life
right here
you are already living it

maybe tomorrow
it might matter
if you write the book
get the job
shoot the video
or buy the house

but for now
you are living your dreams
you've reached the ultimate feeling that you wanted at the end of all those things
so already
right here
right now
you've accomplished all that you need to do
or to be

don't set goals
set feelings

Tamara MComment