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A practice where one person talks and the listener remains the witness in silence. 

There is no judging, no listening to respond, no placating, even no reaching out for moments of pain or joy. There is simply the act of listening to witness and to move on. 

It is one of the greatest gifts our yoga teachers gave us and today as I gathered with my yoga girls, I had such immense gratitude for this practice. 

We were all chatting excitedly, yammering about various elements of our lives and anxious and loud. And just a simple, “Shall we do a co-listen?” Instantly tensions dropped. Eyes closed. Breath was taken. We went inside to feel how we were truly feeling. We each took a turn, talking it out, crying, laughing. And we got it out. No need to dig deeper or dissect it all, just allowing ourselves to feel it and flush it. 

Afterwards, we felt 10lbs lighter.

Sometimes all you need is to talk, but how many people really listen these days? We listen, but there’s this barrier to truly HEARing because we listen to respond. We listen with our preconceived ideas of what is. We listen and hear only what our biases tell us.

Maybe this all that is meant by the often used term “holding space”. And for all my spaceholders, thank you. 🙏