People will want you to fail

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People will want you to fail. Maybe you will want people to fail. Subconsciously maybe, but then with more awareness you start to notice this little ego desire. If people don’t do good it makes us feel good, for a short while. It feeds the wolf of bitterness, jealousy, & ego. It confirms that we are in fact better for not trying because look at them - they tried and failed. 

What we miss is that in trying and failing we become free. We feed the wolf of courage, of resilience; freed from regret, we feed a wild heart of all the guts & humanness of being alive at this time. We are alive to try. This wild wolf will open opportunities that we could never see from the outside. To run into the ring of fire, we sit down in the center, and say I’m here. I’m grounded in my power. And I’m not going to let you burn me down. And slowly, people will enter. They will begin to sit with you saying I’m here, I will walk through the fire with you. Keep them. 

There will always be those standing outside the ring. They will be pointing in horror or laughing ecstatically about what you are doing in the ring. But they will be only warm, never hot. Only safe, never wild. And you can give thanks to them, for without them you’ll never understand what it means to walk through the fire and survive. For when you get to the other side, when you see how strong you are, when you reflect on falling to your knees and asking for the way, you’ll see the trail you blazed has blazed a trail for others. You’ll see community around you. Happy people, living with wide open hearts, truly wanting to help each other for the good of helping. You’ll see grit and determination, flowing with ease and grace. 

As you look back, maybe those around the ring will begin to enter. Hesitantly at first, but one foot at a time. Testing their courage. Their ability to be alive. And you’ll love them and accept them in and walk through the fire with them. Because you did. Because others did. Because we are all in this together and (Ram Dass) we’re all just walking each other home.

📸 that time we slept in the desert, Bikaner, India