Everyday is Earth Day

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We find her everywhere
mama earth beneath our feet
she’s alive in every step up the mountain
in the ancient groves of trees
yet I can feel her in cities too
quieter perhaps, but the hum of flow fully here
humanity running around
on the heartbeat of this world

this earth is so alive
if only we can slow down
choosing mindful steps
we begin to see it
feel it
the connection of all things within her
the micro climate of the soil
creating the macro atmosphere of our world
our connection to oneness and unity closer than we think
for we walk among it each day
its in the traffic as we zoom on through
the humanity as it flows by
these crazy traffic patterns reflecting the way a country moves
its in the eyes of the little girl zooming past on the bike
sandwiched on a seat between her parents
a smile deep in the seat of her soul

it’s in the understanding
that the pure wealth of a nation
lays within the collective joy of its people
not from monetary means
a nation whom gathers each day
with deep reverence for one another
seated close to the earth
sharing meals & connection
we can choose to access this intrinsic wildness
that exists within us all
each and every day
through a direct line
a clear source
if only we can close our eyes
if only but a pause before we eat
a moment to consider the purchase of plastic
a willingness to slowly grow our own food
a chance to embrace innovation and yet do things the old way
a combination
everyday is earth day
and it’s getting more important that we choose
to maintain this chance for wild connection is to
remember our place within all things
to take up some space
our space
proudly & confidently
to give back
where we can
remembering humanity
to choose barefoot when we can
& close our eyes everyday
to breathe our breath in from the soles of our feet up into our hearts
and then to move from this place
notice in the wild
how all things buzz and hum perfectly in flow together?
watching this country has allowed me to see
that wild flow can happen in a city
it brings me hope that no matter where we are
or who we are
we know our connection

everyday is earth day
let’s honour our dear mother

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