Each month a pilgrimage

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I went to see my tree today. Each month is a pilgrimage, a ritualistic meeting upon which I have space to cry and laugh and really hear. In this picture my crown is just touching the tree I have lovingly visited for the past five months. As I lay down under her after furiously writing, a load of inspiration pouring from my pen, I heard rain. Rain all around me and yet none on me. Shielded and protected by her branches. It turned to hail, literal crystals falling from the sky. 

What I remembered in this moment of complete awe & wander was that we are all connected by each and every wild breath that we take. My air going to the plants. The molecules from my oxygen mixing with other molecules turning into water. The water freezing and turning to a different state. The hail falling, melting, dissolving. 

It’s all connected. 

Let tomorrow be the most magical evening of connection, but when it’s all over & done, let us continue living this connection with pure reverence each and every day. 

Let us find space in our days to marvel at the magic that is always around us, not just in one magical evening, but in every single act of nature. 

Let us always remember to put our hands on our hearts and feel that beating pulse telling us we are alive. We are connected. We are loved. 

Let us celebrate a night of hope with radical joy, but let every single day be enough. 

Let us be enough. 

Fear holds us back, but love moves us forward. 
Let us walk forward together. 

Tamara MComment