TEDx KelownaWomen : FREEDOM

UPDATE: Here’s the talk!

When I was a little girl I would wish for world peace. Didn’t you? It was what we all said as children (almost) and I didn’t know then A N Y T H I N G about how that might be delivered. I just said the big hairy audacious goal and knew to be free was to be me.

Last night I delivered a barefoot TEDx talk about feeling your way to freedom. Not thinking it. Feeling it. Leading with wide and wild hearts.

When I was asked to do a talk, I thought well what the heck am I gonna talk about?

It came later that day, whewwwwshhhh. A download from something, somewhere. The talk flowed like a river. And it’s spent days and hours being molded and flowing new ways, carving out caverns of my soul, but it’s THE talk. The right talk for me.

I’ve questioned the content 1000 times. should I talk on our charity model? Nah that story isn’t mine to tell. Should I talk on single mama hood or coparenting? Nah, those are labels and not my driving mission. Should I talk on why educating girls matters? No, if you turn on the news you’ll see it.

The truth, my truth, is about personal liberation, despite a life that could have been tethered. This is my thread of truth from 33 years of golden embers from burning stuff up around me.

It’s also about filling up so we can fight for the freedom of others. Starting within. And then seeing that our freedom is linked. That we have responsibilities to the voiceless. That we can make space for their brilliance to be heard. Liberating far more than just ourselves and lighting the world on fire.

This is my quest. And last night felt.....freeing.

The women I met and shared the stage with., they felt like long lost sisters.

Those that coordinated and those in the audience were more supportive than I can give words too.

I know this is my purpose.

This is my story.

Tamara MComment