I am alive

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it was quiet
so beautifully quiet
so quiet you could hear everything
the electric hum of nature
of nothing
of everything
of presence
what a beautiful resonance
the sky was clear blue
the sunshine, so warm
sparkling snow
down on our bellies
looking at each snowflake
the trees
oh the trees
like someone decorated them from above
standing in a snow globe
all of a sudden
the faint noise of electronic music
carried in the backpack of a nearby snowshoer
we couldn’t see them
only hearing the beat
the pulse
we danced
he ate snow
I danced
danced alone
eyes closed
wild breath in
ecstatic breath out
sunshine on my skin
I am so grateful for this existence
this human experience
for today
this is enough
I am alive
I am alive
I am alive

Tamara MComment