I'm dangerous


I’m dangerous 
because I am happy alone
because I am resilient 
and loud
I refuse to quiet down
I’m dangerous
because I’m well and able
ready to stare you in the eyes
as I pass you on the street
to share my heart 
or in the bad moments
to kick you in the knees
I’m dangerous
because I can make it on my own
and yet I can share the throne
lifting everyone up around me
seeing the divine in every human
blaming no one 
for my own
I’m dangerous
because I don’t need your bags
your brand names or clothes with tags
because plastic was so five years ago
because those shiny items are so low
low on my priority list
low energy
low frequencies
not letting those lies of fulfillment 
in to fill my whole
I’m dangerous
because I’ll wrap my festive gifts
in newspaper from the recycle bin
make my own gifts
taking back this season
making it a season of presence
lit from within
i'm dangerous
because I don’t buy into consumerism
because I share the messages from my heart
and because I don’t need you
you shiny things
as I pass by your shiny stores
to make me feel anything
because I know what I feel
because I process my own emotions
and the energy I bring to a room
I’m dangerous to society
but not to you
you reading this 
when you say no with your refusal to blindly spend
when you say yes to listen to your heart
you’re dangerous too
let us be the revolution
the badasses of light
the rebels of love
the phoenixes of the world
let’s light the world on fire
and let the ashes 
of any bricks and mortar greed
burn to the ground
telling the story to the next generation
of the greed and lies
as a tall tale
not one they know well
is a word not usually meant to describe me
but for today
with these words
I’m dangerous

Tamara MComment