Post Birthday Musings

I just got back into service and read a lot of words that you wrote, or maybe didn’t write, and I am feeling into the sheer & vast gratitude that I have for this time - this earth - with all of YOU. 
A L L of you. 

This is 33.

This is 33.

The time I spend in nature helps me to reflect on how very lucky we are in spite of what feels like a tough time in the world. We are experiencing massive change. We are being called to step up, to make less of an impact on the earth, and to make more of an impact on each other. It’s simple really - we are being asked to love each other more. 

I do not live a perfect life. Ha! My life is full of ups & downs. Sometimes I only have time to suck in one wild breath and then it is straight to the lessons of a canoe with a toddler and your co parenting partner in rough waves. I should write a book about that, for another time. 😂 We laugh a lot. We also share tears. There’s rain, but sunshine always follows. 

But I do live a really lucky life. I don’t have goals this year although there’s much work to be done. I am enough sitting here on this deck without a marriage, a cabin I own or a car that doesn’t leak oil. I am full without having written the book I’ve been dying to for years, even without standing in front of hundreds of people and reading a spoken word poem and without having started that groovy bookstore full of connection I so badly aspire too. 

I am still enough. I am extremely lucky. I have all of you to thank for that. For my humanity is so deeply linked to every single being that has crossed by path. 

You are enough too today, on a Monday, whether you’ve killed it this morning or just laid in bed counting the notches in the ceiling. 

We are enough because we are here only to BE. To be us. To be real. To be connected. Thank you for taking the tjme to say hello yesterday, if you did. I hear you all and I love you ALL. I can’t wait for the next time we cross paths but until then, I’ll just be roaming the woods in pure wander of the sheer majesty of it all.

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