An ode to the trees

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An ode to the trees
we feel you 
standing ones
I’ve never been as grateful to anything as I am to you
every place I’ve moved 
not knowing where to turn 
I looked up 
you were there
you spread your roots 
far and wide 
showing me how to stay grounded
far from home 
you reach for the Sky 
limitless potential 
teaching me about possibility 
standing tall
as the sugar is sent up 
in slow steady pumps
you show us effortless living
to let the wild 
take care of it all 
and as you care for those around you
providing breath for all 
you show us how to come together
and yet to stand alone 
and stand tall  
you teach us all
standing ones
I see you
I hear you
the world is changing you know
and when one person can see your beauty
your utter magnificence 
so can we all
as we are all connected 
through you
as you hold space for us
please know that we are trying
we are doing what we can to hold space for you
to give reverence for you
to work in co-creation with you  
we want to give back
dear ones
we plant
we paint
we plan retreats
where we can give people time to have just one moment with you
we stand as allies
we craft you in the sweetest of ways
ways you would be proud of 
we bring you into our homes 
hopefully through only dead fall 
you provide 
and we take 
sometimes too much
we need to learn
continue to help us 
through our dreams
I have never been more thankful to be alive 
and it’s because of you
standing ones 
because of you