Working on it!

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It starts with a friend coordinating a way to see each other. So many times in the past year that I've been talking about going to Manitoba. It's tough now, my family is in Saskatchewan and I don't get that way for work anymore, but so many people I love wrapped up in one province. So - we get planning and this happens. A day retreat at one of my favourite (and somewhat central) Manitoban spots. A Clear Lake summah day: Sunday, September 9th. A chance for me to nidra so many of the people I looooove and an excuse to dance on the beach. Way more details to come, but this is the preliminary deets. Email to reserve your spot.

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This has been on my mind for over a year: an online nidra nature series. The respect I have for the way nature teaches us, the deep love I have for nidra, and the urge to communicate messages about trees and how to effortlessly be in the woods. I am officially working on a four part nidra nature series that will each include an email with a love letter from me to you, to the season, and to the tree that that season highlights. It will give an idea for a forest bath, a few journalling prompts, and optional intentions to use in your 30-40 min nidra. I'm debating adding a flower essence to each (I think I should?) and a 10 min. meditation that people can use to anchor them back to their perfection. This is my most potent passionate work in progress right now, one that has me walking in the woods by day, nidra-ing at nap time, and writing and researching trees by night. Stay tuned...


Oh hot damn. Here's where the questions come in. The next workshop I will be running will be Saturday, Jan. 27th at Tandava from 4:30 p.m. - 6 p.m. This 90 minute session is all about empowering your body and lighting your inner torch. It is a clothing optional yoga session and I hope people strive to understand the potent power behind this. The room is safe, dark & lit by only a candle. The experience is with yourself and a circle of other (women) only. The experience is trusting yourself and tuning into your body without any masks. The beautiful and empowering woman I'm teaming up with to take this experience to people is Suzie Doratti - an incredibly gifted teacher here in Kelowna who is hoping to create awareness around personal empowerment and to raise funds for HOPE in Her Eyes - a fundraiser event that I'm hosting Feb. 9th at the Laurel Packinghouse. 

The truth is, that exposure is something that isn't a choice for some. There are women on our streets that are exposed in every way. We get a choice to help them. We get a choice to find our own vulnerability so we can stand in solidarity for theirs. And while we are extremely lucky, we get a chance to take a Saturday night and turn it into a personal revolution. I'm nervous as anyone, but listening to this CBC interview that they did with Suzie a few years ago makes me understand the entire process much more deeply. I'm ready to be there with myself, regardless of how I feel about my body. 

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What I want you to know:

You are covered with a towel until you are laying on your mat. The mats are arranged in circles, heads towards the middle. For the first 25 minutes, you will have a yoga nidra that will take you out of your monkey mind and into your energy body of true perfection. The room will be entirely dark, lit by one solo candle in the middle of the room. You will move from nidra to a yoga flow, directed by Suzie, who has experience with watching anxiety turn into power. And you will end again on your mat. There is not so much risk, but to be with yourself. 

I would love if you joined us. Details are to be launched soon.

And that's a wrap for tonight. Blessings and big hugs to all, xxx