Where do I begin
oh me
oh my
I am oh so tired
of hearing the word "hippie"

It began so innocently
a few friends leaving comments
saying things like "man you're such a hippie!" 
"put some clothes on ya hippie"
"you're my favourite hippie"
yet I never really knew what that meant

it's honestly been going on for years
since I flew to Africa
they call me the "before Africa" Tamara
and "after Africa" Tamara
maybe because when I got back
I didn't care

the hilarious thing to me
is that how I live my life is so normal to me
shining a light
a desire to steward the land
this dear mother earth that we walk upon each day
spreading love
walking barefoot
eating plants from time to time
i mean, I'm really not that hardcore
i eat bacon too
i dress my son to make him playful
not to impress the others
he'll wear his hair
how he wants
he will learn to treat all things
all people, animals and trees
with the kindest concern
he'll live a life for him
not dictated by society
because he'll see his mother follow her heart
day in and day out
even if other's laugh
or roll their eyes
i don't care

to truly love all others
we must first love ourselves
this is what I intend
by living this "hippie" life
I intend to spend time on me
to connect with who I am
in this earthly existence
to put great things in my body
to treat it with movement
and, sure, to wear flowers in my hair

to be joyful! 
oh my
this is what hippie must mean
because that is how I feel
joyful and seen
you see to me
these things are what should be taught in "school"
and I'm getting confused as to how they are seen as so crazy

how is it out there
to want to protect the land
to connect deeply with others
and to create from your heart
how is it nuts
to stop caring about what society tells you to do
about how to wear your hair
about what house you should own
or about the 10.2% savings you should have

to me, 
it's scared little people
in boring little boxes
afraid to be different
who scoff and laugh
afraid that they really do care
they may feel things
about light and love
so instead, the wall goes up
ignorance is there
and as a critic, they exclaim
"wow, that's really hippie"

is it hippie
to have hope?
love for a world that is broken?
to believe everyone is full of perfection?
to see perfect mirrors all around?
to be mindful of how I treat people?
to stop seeing division in humanity?
to see no difference regardless of race, religion or sexuality?
to see my biggest critics
as if they are my biggest teachers?
ahh! I guess that's the reason you see
you say I'm a hippie
so that I can learn about me

to be self aware
this is my jam
I observe this all with great interest

I ask myself
what does this word mean to me
when I know most people mean it with great care
yet there's always those saying it with a derogatory lens
for them I wonder this
what is it like
to have to drive the right car
worry about cleaning the big house
to collect all the toys
to fill all the voids
what is it like
to hate people for being light
to rather chug beer
and talk about gear
then to desire to push forward this epic human race
to want to bring love and hope to all

I think it's fear
I examine this fear
I think I'm able to see
that it's usually meant with light
but I'd rather you unfollow me
than continue the plight

in this space I'd like to express my fullest highest self
my authenticity
to be that who is truly me
to allow room for this without knowing
that somewhere over there
there's little eyes peeping at it
as entertainment for all
to express to the others
oh my what happened to her
she's truly gone hippie
when I'm simply writing from my soul
creating from my heart
and living my passion
happier, more connected
and more sure of myself than i've ever been

through writing this poem
i allow these experiences
the 100's of times I've been called "hippie"
to wash through me and out of me
through this creative expression
sending love and great light to all those who have
i wonder this
can you see your own light?
is it too late to tell you
perfection is your birthright? 

so if you want to meet a hippie
I'll be over here
holding blissful space for all
if you can let go of that fear
you'll see I'm your mirror
there's nothing but love here
it's inside of you too
i'll be wandering in the trees
and if you can't understand that
than please, let me be

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