The Peak

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reached the peak
God asleep on my chest
I sensed a shift
so quiet
distance from all

a circle of rocks sat there
which I gently approached
walking one way
and then the other
with great care
i had a realization
as i carefully tread
that this is how ceremony is made
through the power of intention
it's how our souls get fed

if we can listen
purely and truly
we begin to move the way our bodies want us to move
with every inch i walked
i walked with complete reverence
to the 360 views
taking in every single step

implanting it on my breath
letting the experience move within
then counter clockwise
i stepped

i felt the sun and the moon
the whiskey jacks whistling a private tune
i slipped off my shoes
as he dreamt against my chest
I found a spot to sit down
and let my body rest

i nodded off on the rock pile
feeling the breeze throughout my hair
feeling a sense of love
grandiose and grandeur
shuddering over my whole body
and then I noticed them
the love birds sitting there
gazing into the distance
and off with a great leap
chasing each other
while the wind whispered with great care

all those things you are chasing
you will always chase
this message isn't just for you
it's for all
the things you keep chasing
just wait and you'll see
those things that you think
any thing
every thing
these things my dear
they are not outside of you
they reside within

The union you desperately wish for
the house and the home
the great photos
great memories
the beautiful hair
whatever it is you have a desire for
so society clings
yet all of these things
they all lay within

the question i have to ask you
on this great mountain top
is this
can you let it all go?
can you love it
need it
feed it
and then leave it?

can you become one with yourself
above all else
disappoint the others
to be true to yourself
can you examine your frustrations
with great detail
can you use patience
to become patient?
can you use paint
to become a painter
to be a writer
even if you don't know how to start?

can you choose to see all of this beauty
the mountains around you
lakes below you
can you see this within?

if you were never here again
can you see it right here
deep in your heart
do you understand my dear friend?

i felt a thud
a knowing creep over
as i heard it again
can you hold this wildness
in your heart
for that's where it comes from
and returns to again

the deepest of oceans
the sky that's so blue
these places that we remember
are the places that we go to
to remember
who we truly are
can you hold it all here?

can you need less
and give more
instead of plucking?
instead of taking?
instead of waiting?

you can read all the books in the world
wait for all the perfect experiences
you can discuss it all
until you're blue in the face
but to experience real wildness
this is the key
the clue
the puzzle
it's a whole other thing
to experience true wildness
it must start within

and this sat with me for awhile
as I sat on the mountain
letting the mind drop away
and the body feel what it can
after hearing all that
i laughed
as I heard this voice too
say this isn't always about you tamara
maybe this time it's for him

how many of us can say that we napped blissfully on top of a mountain?
to drop away from this world
into the next where there's no questions
with the curve of a mother's body
wrapped around you with love
it's not always about you tamara
maybe this trip to the peak
is for him

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