Burnout is a Clinical Condition: Calm Yo' Nervous System!

"Short-term stress is the fight-or-flight response that provokes higher levels of adrenaline and cortisol, according to the Mayo Clinic. Adrenaline pumps up your heart rate and blood pressure to give you an energy boost. Cortisol, the primary stress hormone, enhances the level of sugars (glucose) in your bloodstream and you brain’s use of glucose, among other things."

Guys, this is scary. Global News just released an article that talks about burnout as a newly recognized mental disorder. We have come to the point where adrenal fatigue is taking over minds and lives everywhere. It's rampant and as a society, we are TIRED. Our nervous systems are in overdrive. 

The beautiful thing is that there's ways to help - to stop the release of cortisol and to bring in all the feel good melatonin, serotonin, GABA, etc, and to do it naturally. And easily. It comes in a daily "pill". All you have to do to swallow it is lay down, get ridiculously comfy, and listen to a voice. It's an effortless state of being and a way to successfully engage the parasympathetic nervous system which creates all things happy for the body and mind. 

The thing is, as a society we want to 'work hard' to get to the top. We think everything worth having has to be a struggle. This mindset had a purpose in evolution and it's brought us this far. But now, it's time for to rest. It's time for self care. Why do you think that term - "self-care" - is everywhere you look these days? It's not a coincidence. Evolution is getting to the point where returning to wholeness, where self realization and consciousness are more important than ever. Yoga nidra is a tool to help.

If you're stressed and not sure what to do, and you've tried meditating and "can't", look up yoga nidra. Try out an Amrit Institute video here. Read my quick cole's notes version on yoga nidra here. It's a sleep based technique and you can't do it wrong...but it could do everything for you. I think so many people here the "yoga" in yoga nidra and immediately roll their eyes. It's just a 'fad' right? 

This is a 6000 year old practice. 

My hope is that you're able to look past the yoga and go straight to the magic of nidra

Love & light,