Love Yourself in the Face of It All

with all that's going on in the world
hearing the stories and ignoring the news
i feel nothing

I'm over trying to combat hatred with hatred
or struggle with struggle

i'm over selling into the drama
or taking to social media
to be a couch potato activist

my only answer right now is this
that bubbles up from my heart
as my truth

look to the most vulnerable populations
and start there
protect them
love them
give them hope
focus on love
every single day

that's what all vulnerable populations have done
from the beginning of time
they are the most positive people you will meet
the most optimistic
and usually
the closest to God
any God
their version of God
to me God is within them
the guru is everywhere
if you know how to listen

they have had faith
for centuries upon centuries
which has always kept the most vulnerable alive
no race has been eradicated
their triumphs instead
have been celebrated
through ceremony
and reverence
they pray deeply and give thanks
and so things to be thankful for come to them
hardships too, yes i know
but have you seen the sparkle in their eyes?
the smile upon their lips?
you can't defeat them

every day that i worked in the slum in india
they prayed
they prayed and they loved and they found good things to focus on
things to be grateful for
that always surprised me
their devotion to life

the other night
on the streets of kelowna
a homeless woman told me
that each night could be fun
it could be terrible
but she looked for the fun
the freedom in it
and she fell in love
met a man on the street
who cared for her
protected her
more than any man had ever before
so she was in the worst situation you could see
and she was focusing on love

i'm not telling you what to do
with this rise of old bullshit
but i will say this
these 'supremacists' have learned these actions
they are a product of their environment
like abusers, manipulators or cheaters
they have seen this behaviour
and are following suit

they have deep rooted traumas
to act out these actions
to see themselves as separate than others
they have huge barriers built up within their hearts
huge fears that they are not enough

and i strongly believe
they can learn to go the other way
they can learn love
if they are shown it
so what do we do?

in ancient Hawaiian cultures
when one fell
they all fell
when one falls
we all fall
knowing we are all connected
means we are all responsible 

take accountability for your own life
find the vulnerable populations around you and be kind
heal your own trauma
and you heal the world

I'm not saying love them to change them
i'm saying love yourself