Nature as Therapy


I went to my therapist today (mama nature). Asked a simple question, "Where will I go next?"

That's me. Always looking at the next move (because signing 6 month contracts and caring about more stability for my son does make my mind run, no matter how gypsy at heart I am).

Part of me never wants to leave the mountain, but for now I'm moving come Fall.

So I ask and then I let go and hike. No, I marvel at the beauty of it all, the sheer magic around me.

We get to the lake. No answer yet. Hmm - Universe, all I ask is that you're super clear with the response please.

We dance and take photos by the lake, laughing and eating rocks (Onyx).

We pack out and start back down the thick forest road. And then I see her. A perfect deer, observing us from above. Stillness. A look. And then she bounds away, but I hear it.

The breath of the forest. The deep stillness of the mountain.

And she speaks to me.

"When have you ever not been taken care of? Ever? Has there been one moment yet leading up to this exact time where it hasn't worked out?"

I whisper, "Never."


Thanks for the reminder, mama nature. Working on a 100% success rate here. Surrender & trust, always ✌️