The Fire in Me Sees the Fire in You

As our province burns
the smoky skies light up
pink clouds float by
and I feel a great stir in my heart
a memory
for if what is going on within us
is what is going on aroud us
then what does this reflect about the collective?

to me it means great change is within
we're literally changing systems as a society
we need to burn everything down to the ground
before new, fresh rain can fall
before new ideas can spring
before life can begin to grow again
before fireweed can take root
inviting bees back to the earth
to regenerate the greenery
so that the larger animals can come

it's a time of great confusion
chaos and pain
there's fear

and yet we are seeing great things come from the people
humanity binding together
people literally showing up for each other
love is in the air
everytime I hear a news segment
rarely it's true
but i hear the love, the connection, the gratitude
for the people fleeing for the their lives
are finding solace in the space of another
are learning to count on someone else
like a community is meant to do
lifting each other

and so while my heart is with the evacuees
those that have lost their houses, belongings and cars
I know that this is a time of great teaching
I bow to the power of mama Earth
and as the fire in me is stirred up by all of the collective chaos
and I feel my own winds blazing
I whisper silently
the fire in me sees the fire in you