If We Are Nature

If we are nature
could it be?
that the emotions we feel
those that come like waves
are like the waves of an ocean
after a roaring boat passes
rolling in like a lion
smoothing out like a lamb

could it be
that we are the clouds in the sky
sometimes grey & stormy
other times fluffy and light
sometimes we are spread so thin
other times so dense we can't see

could it be
that just like nature
we are in a constant state of motion
coming and going
going and coming
fluidity and change

so why is it that we cling?

if we are nature
could it be
that we can finally let go
we can stop clinging to pleasure
and avoiding all pain

could we just be?
can we take what comes
as it comes
and let go
whatever we need to let go

could it be
that if we are nature
and as the lake reflects the sky
so you reflect me
perhaps I am a part of you
so spacious and pure
and we can't tell ourselves apart
we see ourselves in each other
all the light you see in me
is in you
and the darkness is too

could it be
if we are nature
that it's possible for us to believe
that light is always followed by dark
that after darkness rolls in, the light always comes

that the most beautiful rainbow
comes only after the rain
and that the very rain that brought it
might again wash it away

could it be
that the sunrise starts the day
with deep reverence to the moon
a thank you for the passing night
and the moon right back
says a hello to the sun
they simply let it be
a hello and a goodbye
no clinging, just love
hello sun
goodbye moon
i know you'll come again

could it be
if we are nature
that everything has it's perfect imperfection
that all life grows in spiral chaos
could we see
that the world is not so big that we can't appreciate the smallest, 
most minutia of details
the flower that takes days to open
the fungi that keeps the forest alive
but then just as the same small detail passes
the truth magnifies
and we see the perspective
that sometimes seeing the whole forest
instead of just one tree
would set us free

could it be
if we are nature
that we can stand on the top of a mountain
feeling so interconnected
that we let tears fall from our eyes
like the rain that brings the bow
and the sun that brings the moon
we feel awe
we start to understand it
knowing "it" lives within us

being the magic we feel
to this whole big thing
called life

all of this
only if we are nature
could it be?

Tamara MComment