I had a deeply reverent morning, arising at dawn, pulling my laptop into bed to write poetry, keeping the lights low, candles lit, strong drum beats on the Bluetooth I crawled onto my yoga mat and had a prayerful practice, followed by a yoga nidra by the Guru himself - Yogi Amrit Desai.

These mornings are very, very rare for me, as it's not often that I'm without Onyx for an entire day (6 days a month and most of those I'm fully engaged in getting him ready and out the door or working).

However, this is something precious that I know many women don't get. This is where being a momma with a strong co-parent can be okay for me. I struggled with the idea of being away from Onyx at all, but truthfully, I have had to accept where I am at. And now I give silent moments of gratitude for the pause so that I can receive strength and self-care (and sleep!) and get back to being strong, and loving and holding space for my son. 

So, although this morning was so beautiful and deeply precious and slow, I realized a few things that can be done with or without children:

  • Music is really impactful. Just turning on slow, soulful music in the mornings really changes the tone. This can be done at anytime, with any amount of kids running around. It can also help to take the edge off of any screeching or crying...
  • I'm actually quicker at getting all of the "things" done that make a morning go quickly when I have Onyx. When he's not here, I notice I waste time - lingering here and there - wondering by 10 a.m. where did my morning go? So if you can appreciate the things you have to DO in the morning because you're children are all around you and do them knowing that, perhaps you can find a bit of gratitude for the focus they bring into your life ;) 
  • There can be deep reverence at many things in life and that prayerful time can be spent in quiet yoga movements or alongside your children. Teach them to be deeply reverent. If we can teach our children that mornings are sacred, bring them to the window and exclaim our awe at the sunrise, they will remember this. They know the magic already and would love to be reminded of it. Onyx's first word was "Wow" because my parents would always take him to the window and point out everything they saw. What a beautiful way to start the day.
  • Breath is always what it comes back too, but with or without children crawling all over you, stopping to tune in and breathe is hard. It's hard for us to choose this, but we can, in every moment. We can take a deep breath when we fill the coffee pot and another exhale after the first sip. We can breathe a belly breath as we're standing at the stove cooking pancakes and yet another as we fight to secure another diaper around the waist of our child. Breath is always available to us, we just have to choose it.

I guess I noticed this morning that there is no better or worse for a mom who is trying to live slowly. If we have children banging around us, we can still be the stillness. It's available to us in every single moment and if we can bring full presence to that moment, we can live slowly, here and now. And isn't here and now all there ever is?

 - with love xx