I Moved to the Mountain For Love

I moved to the mountain for love

so many people ask
"why did you move to Big White"
and I ponder
"hmmm. but why not?"

perspective is funny like that
for to the me answer is so clear
I moved to the mountain for love

my own love
self love
not the love of another

for nature
for the awe and wander i feel when I turn that corner and see the snow capped mountains
for the amazement with which i pass by the baby moose on my way home
for the sheer comfort
in the cafe that's become my office
the community meetings that are intimate
the little garden
with a mountain view
it's the highest altitude with which i've ever gardened
but man, is the sky ever blue

i moved to the mountain for love
for the love of living in a tiny cabin
for being completely enclosed in wood
surrounded, hugged by spruce, by pine, by fir
for the tiny closet that exists outside my bedroom
to give me the opportunity to see what's really important
the chance to only own one of everything

for the way that you get intimate with food
when you can't run out and get every last thing you need
for the way you cook creatively
laughing at some of the combinations you come up with here
for here
you learn to un-need
you learn to buy less
and make what you have work more
creativity comes alive

i moved to the mountain for love
for the way my shoulders drop as I leave the city
the heave and sigh of the trees as I pass by
the exhale as the mountain comes into view
massive, extending forests blurring by 

i moved to the mountain for love
for the way there's only one station coming up
that just happens to be my favourite
CBC radio 2
there's nothing but time on the drive
tuning in to the talk shows
which politician will they make fun of today
or if you're really lucky
you'll hit Saturday night blues hour
anything better than a view of the mountains with the salty voice of Buddy Guy?
even better
late at night
when Laurie Brown comes online
that buttery voice
what more could one want?

i moved to the mountain for love
the way the big melt comes
roads turn into rushing rivers
your sidewalk, a creek
your basement, a lake
moving ordinary to extraordinary
snow runs turn to whirling waterfalls
and the forest
so thick that you can't see
i walk around in awe all day
how can this world be?
sunshine and 23 degrees
snow, waterfalls, and trees

i moved to the mountain for love
resort signs throw it off
a little bit for sure
the development, while attractive
kind of sad
so touched by man
this place of God
but I have found
only by the man who loves rustic life
crackling fires
skies full of stars
hills full of powder
who finds God
everytime he leaves home
the scurry in winter to catch the freshest snow fall
the heat in summer to explore endless trails
these people know God by name

i moved to the mountain for love
to learn to sit in my own space
for it's somewhere i plan to be forever
in my own space
to learn to stay when I want to stay
to not rush out to do
all the things
with all the people

to learn that i'm not missing anything
when i am truly present with myself
everything is right here
right now

i moved to the mountain for love
and in return i received more than i could have imagined
lessons in minimalism
barefoot dance parties
forest yoga classes
hot tubs under starry skies
more awe and wander for my son
and move love than i could imagine

maybe, when you come to visit, you'll understand why i moved to the mountain
perhaps you'll see the deer as you drive up the road
or the skunk scurrying to get home
the stellar jays that soar overhead
these are my people, you see
the mountain is theirs
maybe it will bring you back to a simpler time
for i moved to the mountain for love