A Poem About Dying

You are the sun, the moon, and the stars
You're the breeze on a summer's day
The sun rising over the mountain
The cool winds bringing in a tornado
The eerie calm before the storm

You're the butterfly fluttering by
The salmon swimming up stream
The momma bear protecting her cubs
The sorrowful robin whose egg
fell from the nest

You're the laugh lines and wrinkles around the
eyes of the man beside you at the cafe
he's had a good life and those lines show it
You're the rich, dark coffee he drinks
grown by eloquent, radiant people in the
sun kissed fields of El Salvador

you're the wife that he comes home too
day in and day out
the love that they share
you're it

If you can only see this
If you can tune into the magic while you're here
You'll feel the dissolution of borders
the dissolving of boundaries of body and mind
you'll feel your spirit shine through

So when you die, you don't leave this place
You are this place
You are space within which your character is arising
For this lifetime

You're the witness

The point of life
in my eyes
is to to open our eyes
to the life that is around us

to first wake up to it
to be alive to that which matters most
eternal 'things'
'things' you can't buy
things you can't wear
stop giving into the societal bullshit
about what hat you have to have
what fancy sunglasses to wear
or that you're only the car you drive
the house you own
the degree you have

The next point in life
is to allow yourself to die
i mean this specifically
the version of you that you think you are
the shoulds
the coulds
the yeses and nos
the "i'm only good at math"
"i'm not creative"
"i could never do that"
"i don't know how"s

let these go
in every moment

you are everything


decide that now is the time
here is the place
you're going to be what you want to be
you're going to be all that you already are

you're going to be the truth of all life

you are
earth shattering love

powerful beyond measure
grounded in grace

you're everything
you are
and i am