Back to Stillness

In yoga nidra today, May 1st, I had a vision of my character - a silhouette of "Tamara" - sitting in a hut down by a river. It was like a painting, and the sky was full of red, pinks, orange and blue hues. It was in Sedona or something like that, red earth all around. Canyons, mountains in the distance, a turquoise stream trickling through. "I" was sitting in a hut, in stillness. The hut had a roof and two doors on either side of it. The doors were cut in half so just the tops opened. Over time, thoughts, experiences, and emotions would come floating in from the left side. They would float in, and some would pass right through, floating out the right top of the door. Like wispy streams. Some - the experiences, the emotions - those would stay a bit longer, lingering, taking on a form. Some childish, some scary and dominating, some light and free. For these ones, I would come off my seat, boil up some water, and sit across a table from them as we had tea. We would chat. We would sit in silence. We would cry, laugh, eat pie, dance in frenzied circles. We would howl carelessly at the moon and enjoy sacred prayer time together. But eventually, all of them left. I would then return to my meditative state, sitting in complete stillness. Listening to the sounds of the loons, crickets chirping. The sky would open up in raging thunderstorms and rain, and then change just as quickly to produce bright sunshine, complete with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. As the world changed within me, within the hut, and then within the painting, I realized this was all in sync. In perfect balance. The microcosm changed, the macrocosm changed. Nothing came to stay permanently. It came in and left as quickly. Or sometimes, as slowly. 

It was a beautiful experience to watch. 

This is my life.

This is our life.

This is life.

Whether we know it or not, every night we come back to stillness.

Back to source.

Let us come here again and again and rest in the awareness of who we really are. The fullness. The wholeness. The complete "I am".

 - Jai Bhagwan "Victory of the Spirit"
{written by Tamara, May 1, 2017, on the Sunshine Coast}