Sunday Funday or Monday Funday

all these yahoos
celebrating 'sunday funday'
people who hate their jobs
cheat on their partners
an excuse to get wasted
a hashtag
how thought provoking

i want to live in a world
where mondays are celebrated
if that's the day you return to work
after a self care sunday

where sundays you maybe throw in an hour or two of 'work'
because work doesn't feel like 'work' 
because you love your job

where you sleep in on a tuesday
get groceries on a thursday
friday is the longest day you put in
and it ends with a long hot bath
not a 'start the weekend
let's get obliterated' party
saturday is an adventure
but you are 'working' 
even when you're in nature
or with friends
or writing
or eating
or yoga-ing
or hiking
or painting
or whatever your passion is
that is your work
you are your work
your work is you

so you are doing work
on all the days
late into the night
if you're a night owl
or first thing at dawn
if you like starting your day then

i want to see a world
where work is life
where we put into the world
our goodness
where we radiate our love
where that is enough

if sunday funday is a day
where you literally just play
where you act like a child
than i apologize
because that should be everyday too
i don't mean to offend

i just can't stand a culture
where no one is thinking
about doing their work
while they're playing
let's make work play
and make play work

let's lean into the abundance economy
where there are win wins
where value equals value
where both sides feel like they've won
on the exchange of a 'transaction'
where I pay you $50 for a painting
that you poured your soul into
and yet it only took you 5 minutes
so you feel like you won
and I feel like I won
and we all win

the abundance economy
let's think about that
rather than our scarcity economy
what we've been conditioned to believe
let it float away

you can have the life you imagine
in your wildest dreams
but first
you have to let go
of this idea of a 9-5
a monday to friday
society needs to
our parents generation
I'm sorry, but

life is no longer about 40 hours
on one side of the desk
it's about
timeless effort
passive income
delivering your heart and soul
and getting full pay for that
because currency is really just value
and your heart is valued
your passion is valued
you are valued

so please, 
of the constraints
the limiting beliefs
of what work is
of the masters
you HAVE to get
to get the big office job
you HAVE to get
of the idea
that you HAVE to do anything
other than be you

lean into
your work
just don't let it be
if you don't want that
don't let it take you away from your kids
your parents
your dog
if you don't want that
let our society
shift the 'shoulds'
to this

we should like what we do
just enough
that we don't have to get wrecked
every sunday
to forget it