Frantic Energy

I don't want to have frantic energy anymore
I don't want to rush
be unclear
up in the clouds

I don't want to have things to do
places to go
people to see

I guess that's why we move to the woods

it's like when an ambulance drives by
no one feels good when they see that

I guess this summer
it's not really what do you want to do
to accomplish
it's how you want to feel

I guess that's why i feel a need
to get out of the city and Into the teees
i don't want to feel my shoulders hunched
my nervous system wound
unable to hear my own Self

my clarity is clouded
by the weight of the world
feeling judged

I want to eat chocolate
for breakfast
spend days sucking in the fresh alpine air
pick oxeye daisies
for my salads
howl at the full moon
and heave a big sigh

It's the exhale I'm after