If Life Isn't Showing Up For You


When you feel like life isn't showing up for you
you're having bad day
after bad day
like a storm cloud is following you around
you're right
you're the storm cloud
you are the microcosm
that affects the macrocosm
if life isn't showing up for you
tap into that ancient resilience
and show up for life

for some that looks like a bubble bath
or it might mean cranking the music
and letting your body move
the way it wants to move

it may be crafting a delicious meal
with deluxe ingredients
butter dripping off steamy crab legs
wine crisp out of the bottle
apricot notes and blackberry lingering
it might be eating slowly
all alone
so you can taste every ingredient
and savour every bite

it could be sleeping
the whole night
and into the morning too
give yourself permission
from a new mom
to any one out there
give yourself permission to sleep
sleep in
sleep in the day
sleep all night

if you really love puzzles
throw out a puzzle jam
love sewing?
sew 10 scarves
do you really like reading?
then read
love surfing?
than for gods sakes
book a damn trip to the ocean
and surf

there's a pattern here
are you getting it?
if life isn't showing up for you
then start showing up for life
make a list of all the things you would like to do for someone you love
and do that for yourself
run down the list
tick each item off
"i would love if someone would give me a massage"
book a massage
"it would be so romantic if he left coffee on my night table"
then I shit you not
wake up early
make coffee
bring it to your night table
and take a nap

the key here is
how much can you love yourself?
how tirelessly can you care for yourself?
because if you can't do it for you
who will

if life isn't showing up for you
than show up for life
and watch the whole world shift