Trust Life More

"It is a flawed assumption to think that when you are experiencing distress that you are out of alignment with the path you have designed for your own expansion. it is a mistake to believe that half of your human experiences are inherently flawed because you would prefer to feel expansive rather than contracted. It would serve you to realize that it is the pulsing of this duality paradigm that creates momentum. Just as it is when a woman is giving birth, her muscles contract, and she feels pain, and then they release and the expansion allows the fetus movement toward its entrance into the world. It is this seesaw of sensations that pushes the baby through the birth canal and into a world much bigger, much more open, with many more possibilities than could be experienced in utero. 

Trust life more. It is perfectly designed."

 --- Alison Nappi

Duality and polarity are two concepts that keep coming up for me. I've been witnessing so many people lately say that one way is better than another or the 'high vibes only' crowd and I just feel so strongly that we must accept our shadow sides. I know this is something for me to learn about and to teach, as someone who has felt so much shame in the past for feeling two sides to such a huge extent. I have always had high highs and low lows. I would do everything I could to not feel that, to not allow the 'drama' to be there. But I would cut myself off from the allowance of the low feelings, usually with wine or some other distraction. And I know this is something a lot of people struggle with. I have done years of counselling on the 'swing of the pendulum' and studied the Way of the Middle Path. And in all of this, it sits with the acceptance of both sides of us. 

"The world I believe in is one where embracing your light doesn't mean ignoring your dark." - Kevin Breel

This is important people! 

When we feel anger, we feel anger. To locate it in the body and help yourself move through an emotional experience, this is how we remain in wholeness - in our bliss. Yoga can help us to do this. If an experience gets stuck, if we stay in an emotion and don't move through it - or don't process it properly and push it down - this is when we begin to hold patterns that don't serve us. These stuck experiences keep us acting out the same types of beliefs over and over again.

It's truly magic once you uncover this though and you can begin to release yourself of all the holding patterns you've created in your lifetime.

Not only that, but it's important when we are in a 'down' part of our life to not downplay it. We don't need to just breeze over it and fake it 'til we make it. It's the contraction before the expansion, the darkness before the dawn. If we can sit with it, we can alchemize it to the most beautiful transformative experience of our lives. 

Like the very wise Joseph Cambell said, "It's the cave you fear to enter that holds the treasure you seek." 

Sit with it. 
Trust life more. 
The dawn always comes.