The Veil

It seems our society is all about the veil
the line between what's real and what's not
the fake it 'til you make it
good vibes only

this culture is a silent killer
real shit happens
in ancient cultures they didn't just pretend to be positive vibing everywhere

they came together as a tribe
to feel it and flush it
to roar out their anger
to dance out their rage

when something happened in the tribe
they called it out
from darkness to light
they gathered and made each other stronger
with prayer
and intention

in Hawaii
ho'oponopono culture
the ancient practice of reconciliation and forgiveness
they believed that illness would come

if anger was held in
they believed that confession
and forgiveness
within the tribe
was the only way to restore harmony


the act of seeing someone
truly seeing them
acknowledging their anger
forgiving their sin
this way of saying







it healed them

they would say
to the perpetrator
four things

i'm sorry
please forgive me
thank you
i love you

they realized that if one falls
we all fall

that healing can only come
when the whole family forgives
for we are all interconnected

they realized if one failed
the tribe failed

that we all make our own errors
it's just easier to see them through others

when one falls,
we all fall

this is not an out
for the person who wronged the family
it's an in

a chance for true reconciliation
true harmony restored

it's a beautiful movement of

So when the "bad" feelings show up
don't hold them in
let it out
let's be real

love your shadows
for they're not "bad"
they're necessary

allow the anger and rage
to move through you
don't let it fester
and grow
let it burn
burn away

allow it to be within you
give it permission
to feel it
talk about it
say it aloud to others

how are you?
i'm not fine
i'm working through something
tell others
who can see you
who can help you deal with it
not dwell on it
but deal with it

tell it to those that know
that if you’re saying it
it means they hold it within them
so it actually heals them
so you can all truly flush it

work together
don't keep it down inside
until one day it snaps
comes bursting out

feel it today
and look for your grudges
what are you holding?
where are you holding it?

if you're angry with someone
if you don't forgive
that brings illness
find a way to see yourself in them
and alchemize that anger into compassion

alchemize rage into forgiveness
alchemize hatred to love
allow the shadow side in

sit with it
watch it like a wave
it will pass
i promise you that
maybe not today
maybe not tomorrow
But I will promise you this
i promise you
that you're not alone
even if you think you are

if you think everyone has perfect lives
on the perfect facebook
you're wrong
it just doesnt show up here
should we show it here?
I think so
it shouldn’t be hidden

we should display it in art
talk about it in coffee shops
eat reality for breakfast

like today
i'm hurting right now
feeling the massive waves
and the flow
feeling sad
i call three friends
i talk to family
i express it through writing

i cry, a little
i yoga, a lot
and i see my part in it
in everything around me
i see me

i take accountability for me
for how I contribute to it all
i embrace me

i forgive all involved
i'm hurting, but
i'm alchemizing it
transforming the pain
into positive creativity
i'm giving it an outlet
i'm trying
to use my pain to help others

even if we are past ancient times
tribal living
we are still a tribe
a global tribe

if you did something wrong
forgiveness is right here
it's so accessible
it's in your heart
forgive yourself and
the world forgives you

be at peace with yourself
and you'll be at peace with the world
vow to your tribe
i'll do better
whisper to yourself
i'm sorry
please forgive me
thank you
i love you

make all your wrongs right
and then return to the world
good vibes survive!
high fives
and peace signs

but when the darkness comes back
please let it be real
the shadows are part of us
we're one
until we can shine our light on them
they'll hurt us
turn into disease

but the light
it transforms them
it transforms us too

Oh you're angry?
you're sad?
you're hurting?
can i help?
because I see you
I hear you
you're not alone

and then magically
the world is restored

no the problems don’t disappear
but the immense weight
that we carry
when we carry a stigma
it goes
the veil
it lifts
it's possible
deep down within us

but first we must know
what's going on out there
is going on in here

by forgiving the world
we forgive ourselves

let us transform
this society
return to the tribe
let us move together
from darkness to light